Start from where you are right now


Begin from the place you might be proper now

Concentrate on the place you might be, with what you will have with what you are able to do proper now…

Imaginative and prescient and the place you might be HEADED is nice BUT if you get overwhelmed by ALL the steps in entrance of you or why you CAN’T that is the simplist strategy to START.

Do what you possibly can proper now with what and how one can.

FOCUS FROM WHERE YOU ARE pinterest thumbnailSmall steps in the direction of your focus day by day reaches objectives.

You aren’t your circumstance
You aren’t your damage
You aren’t your checking account
You aren’t your present state of affairs
You aren’t your previous tales and occasions.

You ARE wherever you might be placing your consideration.
You might be wherever you set your FOCUS
You might be the place you direct your power.

The perfect half? It’s a CHOICE. It’s a DECISION and you’ll take one step ahead within the path you might be headed each single day and ahead of later you’ll obtain what you might be after.

RESULTS come from FOCUS and the habits you follow in the direction of that focus.

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