Knowing is different than doing


Realizing is totally different than doing

Realizing is totally different than doing

Realizing WHAT to do is just not the identical as really DOING IT.

My again was flared up after a 6 hour flight of sitting. Not the zaps I had pre surgical procedure (not even shut) however sufficient that it was bothering me and I used to be going into self beat up and fear…

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“What if this comes again”
“What if I’m in ache eternally”
“What if…”

Nevertheless, earlier than I went to textual content my physician or panic I requested myself if I’d accomplished the fundamental that I KNOW to do. The reply was no. I had not.


For example:
I do know to remain really hydrated however had not been consuming almost sufficient water.

I do know to keep away from grains, dairy and sugar (dairy is an enormous NO for me in the case of ache and irritation) however had it three days in a row.

Motion, circuits and stretching retains my physique aligned however I had not moved by way of my circuit earlier than my flight.

And, I used to be carrying all my keep it up stuff on the best aspect of my physique as an alternative of in a again pack.

Yikes. That recognition that I used to be not doing what I KNOW to do supported a shift. A day of really doing what I do know made a large distinction already in a day.

It wasn’t straightforward btw! I sat down for what was imagined to be a development dinner on the place I’m staying at and it was a large bowl pasta, cheese, butter and ham.

Now many would have used that as an excuse and ate it in any case. It could have been “well mannered” proper? –
I didn’t.

I had simply declared I used to be consuming the aginginreverse_book means and I used to be not going to blow this due to a circumstance.

So I acquired uncomfortable and requested for one thing else and supplemented with meals I introduced on our journey.

And this morning I really feel actually good.

So my query to YOU… no matter you aren’t completely satisfied about along with your well being, your therapeutic, your funds, your relationship, your online business…

Are you DOING what you realize or simply saying “I do know?” Realizing is just not the identical as DOING.


Natalie Jill

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